Transfer Course/Credit Policy

TLC centers do not accept transfer credits or courses from any other non-TLC ESL programs. Students are tested upon entry and placed in the level of competency as determined by the results of the placement exam.

Transfer-In Policy/Procedures

F-1 students wishing to transfer from a currently SEVIS-approved institution to a TLC center must provide an official transfer request form to the Director of Admissions at the TLC center of choice. In addition to the completed transfer request form, the student must provide the following:

  1. Application
  2. Application Fee
  3. Document of financial support from financial institution
  4. Grade reports/transcripts from current SEVIS-approved institution
  5. A copy of current I-20 document
  6. A copy of the photo page of passport
  7. A copy of the visa page of passport
  8. A copy of I-94 document

Once your documents are received, you will receive a letter informing you of whether the transfer has been approved. If approved, the Director of Admissions will notify the official at your current institution that your I-20 has been authorized for transfer and issue an acceptance letter to your current institution, if required.  There is no transfer fee charged.


Transfer-Out Policy/Procedures

F-1 students currently attending a TLC institution may request a transfer out to another SEVIS-approved institution at any time upon arrival and reporting to the TLC center.  In order to complete a transfer-out request, the student must do the following:

  1. Provide a transfer request form from the SEVIS-approved institution in which you plan to attend to the Director of Admissions at your center.  If no transfer form is made available to you, the DSO/PDSO at the center you plan to attend may send an email confirmation indicating that they do not use such forms in their acceptance process. 
  2. Provide an acceptance letter from the SEVIS-approved institution or ask that the PDSO/DSO at that institution send an email or other documentation to the Director of Admissions at the TLC center.
  3. If your record is currently in terminated status, the DSO/PDSO at the institution at which you are transferring must confirm in writing that the record will be accepted in terminated status.

Once these documents are provided to the Director of Admissions at your TLC center, the Director of Admissions will access your record in SEVIS and initiate the transfer. There is no charge for transferring out of a TLC center; however, you should refer to the TLC Refund policies for any charges that may apply to your registration and attendance at the center prior to transferring out.  

Transfers Between TLC Centers

TLC students transferring between TLC centers are not required to submit a new TLC application. A copy of the original application is required.