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3450 West Central Avenue, Suite 130
Toledo, Ohio 43606

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Ms. Christina Stefanik
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Director of Admissions:
Ms. Emily Keegan
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Toledo, OH

The Language Company-Toledo (TLC-Toledo) is a branch campus of the Language Company located in Toledo, Ohio. We offer students high-quality academic programs in a safe and exciting area of the city.  The surrounding community is renowned for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and there are several major attractions within a short drive.

TLC-Toledo's programs enable students to improve their English skills quickly with small class sizes and dedicated, experienced instructors. All classes have concrete learning objectives, and students of any level of English and education can find suitable options at TLC-Toledo. Sessions are four weeks long and there are thirteen start dates annually. Because our programs are intensive, students will have to concentrate on their studies, but they will also have opportunities to participate in TLC activities and make friends in their new community. In addition to our ESL programs, TLC-Toledo staff members assist students with housing, understanding American culture, and daily needs, such as finding daycares or medical care providers. In addition, our academic placement services are free to all students, and this makes it easy for TLC students to get admission to universities throughout the United States.

Age Requirements:

The minimum age requirement for the Intensive English Program offered by TLC-Toledo is 14 years old.


The weather in the Toledo area varies widely and experiences all four seasons.  The temperatures can vary from 4˚ Celsius to -15˚ Celsius in winter and vary from 19˚ Celsius to 34˚ Celsius in the summer. May through September can be very hot and humid while December through March can be very cold and windy.  Toledo also receives an average of 100 centimeters of snow each winter.

Programs offered:

Foundations of English
General English
Intensive English
Intensive English Part Time