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TLC uses iTeach, a Learning Management System (LMS), to deliver all resources, materials, assignments, online live sessions, as well as attendance and grade monitoring and student-to-student and student-to-instructor interaction. Students must sign up for iTeach prior to purchasing a course. The iTeach regsitration process includes the student designating a personal email address and a secure password to obtain access to the site. It is the student's responsiblity to maintain this information in a safe, secure, and private location. Shoudl a studnet forget their password, a password reset option is available through iTeach.

Technology Requirements

To confirm you are properly equipped to use iTeach, please review the technical and system requirements below.

English Ability

Are you unsure of your English ability? You are welcome to refer to the CEFR self-assessment grid, or you may choose to take our free placement test.

Program Completion & Certificates

The timeline required to complete an online program varies because there is no standard program offering; everything is customized to the client's need. A certificate of attendance or completion is contingent upon identity verification; see below.

Identity Verification

TLC does not offer courses for credit; nevertheless, students seeking a certificate to provide evidence of course attendance or completion must show their government-issued photo ID during live sessions to confirm their identify.

Residency Requirement

TLC's online courses do not have a residency requirement. Refer to Technology & Requirements above.