Special Programs

Contact mina@thelanguagecompany.com for special program availability, questions, and pricing.

English for Professionals

These private, customized programs are designed for people who need specific English skills for business but have limited time to study. Participants can return to their jobs quickly, having mastered the necessary English language skills. Programs can be designed to address the English language needs in particular fields such as Petroleum English, English for the Telecommunications Industry, or English for technology business.

Foreign Language Kids Program

Multiple language options with relatable and educational themes to give children cognitive benefits ranging from improved problem-solving skills, and enhanced critical thinking and multi-tasking, to increased memory dexterity!

Study Vacation Program

This program combines educational opportunities with the chance to experience a vacation in the United States. This program is designed for students who are 12-18 years of age and who want to enjoy a learning vacation in an interesting and exciting environment with other students from around the world. The English language study is not only focused on English for communication, especially speaking, which participants will use on the various planned activities, but also on English structure skills. These two areas of English study, combined with vacation activities, provide an excellent opportunity for teens.


Private programs are reserved for highly customized, seasonal, or third party business-to-business offerings.