Hattan AlGhalayini

Studying at TLC - South Bend is a unique experience for me. Not only do I take academic lessons but I take them with diverse and interesting topics such as Literature, Idioms, and Business English.  Moreover; my academic writing and presenting skills have improved.

Hattan AlGhalayini -- Saudi Arabia

Edgar Molina

I am a student of TLc - South Bend.  I have been here for one and a half months.  I can tell you that it is a wonderful place.  Every session is a new and wonderful experience.  In South Bend you have the opportunity to learn English while you meet many people and enjoy the student activities.  It is a really excellent way to learn or improve your English.

Edgar Molina -- Colombia

Ko N'daly Kangha

I am a new student here and my first days here were very nice with my professors.  I like the union between students.  We are all like a family and that makes it possible to know other countries.

Ko N’daly Kangha -- Ivory Coast

Israa Muezzin

With its diversity, TLC - South Bend gives students the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world.  It allows them to share culture as well as ideas with no language barriers standing in their way.  Moreover, friendliness among the teachers enables the students to immerse in the American culture.

Israa Muezzin -- Saudi Arabia

Hyun Suk Lee

5 months ago, I came to this small city very nervous.  I chose South Bend because of the low cost of living.  Now, after 5 months, I am pleased with my wise choice.  South Bend is a placid and fascinating city.  During the week I can concentrate on studying.  After class, I participate in conversation hour to practice speaking and I go to the library in Indiana University South Bend and the University of Notre Dame to study.  People in South Bend are open to foreigners.  I was able to meet many native friends here.  On the weekends, TLC - South Bend provides us many exciting activities such as camping, barbeques, and trips to Chicago, Indianapolis, and Lake Michigan.  I was really happy with these activities!  South Bend is the best place to kill two birds with one stone, because I could not only learn English, I also experienced American culture here too.

Hyun Suk Lee -- South Korea

Nuttawut Lerksahakul

My name is Nuttawut.  I came from Thailand.  TLC - South Bend has a good program.  TLC - South Bend has many activities.  It has helped me to improve my English.  I have many friends from many countries.  They are friendly.  TLC - South Bend is located on the campus of Indiana University South Bend.  It has a gym, and I like it.

Nuttawut Lerksahakul -- Thailand

Shun Tamashiro

There are many International Students, all of whom help each other to do something at TLC - South Bend.  All of the teachers are strict to teach English, but if we have a problem about English, they are pleased to help us.  I appreciate what teachers and staff have done for me.

Shun Tamashiro -- Japan