Regular Programs

Business English

Available at Edmond, Orlando, Philadelphia.

Designed for students who wish to improve their general English skills as well as their ability to use the English language in the Business and Marketing fields. This program will explore business cultural practices and help to improve the student’s communication skills in specific areas of business. The program will include courses in listening, speaking and grammar as well as four, field-specific courses addressing various topics related to the language of business. These will include such topics as Business and Marketing, Leadership and Teamwork, Finance and Accounting, and Correspondence, Reports, and Presentations.


Foundations of English

All locations.
Foundations of English is designed for true beginners. The program gives foundational English skills and classroom experience to prepare students for TLC's Intensive English Program.


General English

Available at DFW, Edmond, Orlando, Philadelphia, Toledo.

General English is for students who want to come to the United States to learn English but not necessarily attend a university after completion. TLC’s General English integrates the development of listening and speaking skills, structural accuracy, and everyday communication. If your goal is to be able to successfully communicate English in everyday situations, TLC’s General English course is for you!


Intensive English

All locations.

TLC’s academic Intensive English Program is carefully designed to help you achieve your language learning goals. The full-time Intensive English program meets Monday through Friday. The equivalent of twenty-five, 50 minute lessons is offered each week. Classes include structure and speaking, reading, writing, and core-plus courses. The optional sixth lesson a day may be used for homework, lab, or test study. A TLC instructor is present for this sixth hour study hall.


Intensive English Part Time

All locations.

This program includes the Intensive English Program’s morning course offerings—Listening, Speaking, and Grammar. While there are no formal reading and writing courses in this program, students will still have the opportunity to practice these skill areas through exercises and activities in the Listening, Speaking, and Grammar classes. If you want to brush up on your English skills at a relaxed pace, then this program is for you. You are also eligible to participate in the optional sixth hour at no cost in the afternoon free of charge!


Junior Intensive ESL

Available at Edmond.

The TLC Junior Intensive ESL program is designed for students whose ages does not allow them to study in our Intensive English Program but are looking for a program where they can learn English and experience American culture.


University Bridge

Avaliable at Edmond.

The University Bridge Program is designed for students who need practice and refinement of advanced grammatical, written, and oral skills in order to prepare to matriculate into a post-secondary institution. Module A1 is one of six rotating levels. The modules are thematically based and focus on research, advanced levels of grammatical structures, academic writing, and formal oral presentations.