Laura Gonzalez

My experience at TLC - Orlando is unforgettable.  It is a new thing that I am experiencing in my life and I am never going to regret it.  TLC - Orlando is a place where you can not only learn English; whoever goes there learns about many cultures and meets people from different countries.  At TLC - Orlando all of the students feel emotions that they have never felt.  The people who are at TLc - Orlando are excellent.  The teachers are the kind of people who are always there for you and the students are too.  I hope everybody has a good time like me.

Laura Gonzalez -- Venezuela


To Nhu Nguyen

I studied at The Language Company - Orlando last month.  I am happy with my decision.  I have made many friends from different countries.  Everybody seems nice.  We talked and shared many things about homework, school, and life.  The materials at the school such as computers, books, and projectors are useful for studying.  The teachers have a lot of knowledge of the English language.  I really like them.  My English language skills have improved since I started to study here.

I want to say thank you to my teacher.  Her class is very interesting and her kind words are an inspiration for us to study hard.  Sometimes the students would talk their language (not English) at break time, but she always reminded us to practice English even when we weren’t in class.  I really appreciate that.  She is indeed a teacher of outstanding dignity, and it is a unique privilege to be taught by her.  My pronunciation is getting better.  Thanks for her help.  Thanks The Language Company - Orlando.

To Nhu Nguyen -- Vietnam

Jana Vitkova

TLC - Orlando has helped me to improve my knowledge of the English language.  I’ll be able to communicate fluently in English in the future.  I enjoyed the classes and the company of students from other countries.  I was able to measure my progress weekly and I could see how much I’ve improved.  It has been a pleasure to spend four weeks at TLC - Orlando.

Jana Vitkova -- Czech Republic