The Language Company Multi-Session Discount Policy

Students planning to study for several sessions may be eligible for a tuition discount at e Language Company. To qualify for the multi-session discount, all tuition monies must be paid before you begin classes. Combining discounts or making incremental payments for multiple sessions in advance in order to receive a higher tuition discount is prohibited.

By paying tuition in advance:

  1. You may receive a 10% tuition discount if you prepay for and attend TLC for two (2) sessions.
  2. You may receive a 20% tuition discount if you prepay for and attend TLC for three (3) or more sessions.
  3. Students who cancel prior to the start of the rst session and did not travel to the U.S. on TLC’s I-20, will be refunded tuition and fees with the exception of the housing place- ment fee, application fee, and any courier fees. Tuition and service fees, except the application fee, will be refunded if your application is not accepted or if you are denied a visa to enter the United States. Proof of the visa denial must be provided by the applicant prior to the last start date listed on the I-20 document in order for the service fees to be fully refunded as services may have already been arranged in expectation of your arrival. Any courier charges incurred, not to exceed $100, will be deducted from your refund. Students who enter the U.S. on TLC’s I-20 and choose not to study for a minimum of one session, will not be eligible for a refund on the rst pre-paid session and fees.
  4. If you withdraw prior to completing your pre-paid sessions, you will not receive any tuition discount for the sessions attended. Instead, the tuition will be charged at the regular rate for all completed sessions and the Standard Cancellation and Refund Policy will apply to any partial session attended. If you have attended past the midpoint of your pre- paid sessions, there is no refund in tuition monies paid. Refer to the Multi-Session Cancellation and Refund Policy for the refund policy for unattended prepaid sessions.
  5. This discount applies to those sessions paid for in advance and any subsequent sessions based on the discount rate of the original prepaid sessions. For example: If a student pays for three or more sessions in advance for a 20% discount and at completion of the pre-paid sessions the student decides to continue for an additional session, he/she will receive a 20% discount for that session and subsequent sessions of continuous enrollment.