Jinghong Huang

Thanks all the teachers in the Language Company. You help me a lot. In this half year I studied a lot, also I was excited here. Thanks again for your help.

Jinghong Huang -- China

Jianan Liu

This is a wonderful place to study English. You can study English from many different ways in the this place. If you have any problems, you can ask them for help, they are willing to help you. I really learn a lot from here!

Jianan Liu -- China

Suna Jung

TLC-Kirksville is very good. Kind teachers and friends. Class is enjoyable and Kirksville is a beautiful city.

Suna Jung -- Korea

Rakan Almunief

The city that TLC have chosen is very good city to study and learning. And the center is good also. The apartment her are cheap and near to the center. The class rooms are small and that is a very good thing about the center because it is make you feel comfortable and the teacher will give you more attention to do your work good.

Rakan Almunief -- Saudi Arabia