Truman's 140 acres creates, provides, and promotes educational and cultural opportunities for language school students and university students who take advantage of the unique educational and recreational offerings.  From the Courtyard Theater and Performance Hall to the 58,000 sq. ft. Student Recreation Center, the campus teems with student energy as seen throughout academic life.

Residential life opportunities find themselves from West Campus Annex where quad units house students in roommate quarters to the BNB (Blanton Nasson Brewer) complex where a number of double occupancy rooms are located and the southern Campbell Apartments where units are more individualized.  View the housing link for a visual of a study area and bed combined with a double-occupancy arrangement in BNB (http://reslife.truman.edu/halls/bnb/photos.asp) and for viewing of the computer stations on the upper floor.  Starting the journey in Missouri Hall with housing advisement, students can involve themselves in numerous residential life and conversational opportunities.

Part of campus life includes student clubs and organizations, of which there are over 240 affiliated with the campus.  Students often meet for these activities which provide personal growth and communicative scenarios.  The Pickler library is a popular meeting spot as there are numerous computers within the facility and many areas where students can form study groups.  Newly constructed is a coffee/tea shop where students can study while enjoying a snack on the first floor of the multi-layered structure.

The Student Union Building (SUB) next door, housing a cafe and coffee shop as well as study areas provides students a hub for social interaction and learning.  After strolling through the bookstore, conference areas, and ATM areas, students can enjoy some break items found on the floor just above.  The Science and Business/Computer Science buildings are nearby with convenience and just north and centrally located is Kirk Memorial where the TLC–Kirksville language center interacts with language-center students.  Through the main door of this historic structure and to the right and straight forward, international students find the TLC classrooms and advisement areas of a building which is considered a landmark as students from every major are familiar with its significance.

Recreation is a large part of assisting students with their rigors of study life, and TSU offers numerous sporting events for the viewer's enjoyment as well as student clubs and organizations provide for opportunities of general involvement.  The tennis courts and soccer field are additional areas where students can take an outdoor break from their study sessions and the Student Recreation Center is an abode for the avid or casual guest.  Please see http://recreation.truman.edu/tourscript.asp for detailed information regarding the extensive and cardio, exercise, and gym equipment available.

Whether interested in lecture series for intellectual stimulation, intramural activities or excursions for additional inspiration–or all the above–students can find opportunities for involvement at Truman.