TLC Homestay Accommodation Policy


TLC can arrange several different housing options for you. If you want us to arrange a homestay family, please complete the Homestay Application and provide payment of the homestay placement fee. Each TLC center may have local homestay policies in addition to the policies below. Local policies will be provided to you when you arrive at the center. TLC Homestay Coordinators will determine the best, possible family placement for a student by matching the student’s indicated preferences on the homestay application against the profiles of available homestay families at the time of placement.  For that reason, homestay placement is not first come, first served.  However, TLC will consider those on the waiting list first when a family becomes available.

General Policies


  1. A Homestay Application is required. The application must be signed by the student and/or the student’s guardian if under the age of 18 years. Please include the homestay placement fee with the Homestay Application. We cannot arrange a homestay family without the application and fee. The homestay placement fee allows one family change at the discretion of the TLC center director. Additional host family changes require additional homestay placement fees.

  2. The student is obligated to pay the homestay fee for an entire four-week session in advance after the student has paid the placement fee and accepted the homestay family placement. Failure to report to the homestay as scheduled AND without proper notice of a minimum of one week prior to scheduled arrival may result in the client owing another placement fee should the current, assigned family not wish to hold the student's spot and should the client wish to be placed in another home. Should the client fail to report to move into the homestay as scheduled and fail to provide proper notice of a minimum of one week prior to the schedule arrival, the client is subject to no refund for that session of homestay fees.

  3. Homestay begins the Saturday before each session begins and ends on the last Friday of the session. You should plan to stay in a hotel at your own expense until homestay begins unless you have made other arrangements with us before you arrive. We can assist you with hotel arrangements.

  4. Homestay fee is for a four-week/28 day period. Extra days in homestay can be arranged in advance at additional cost. In cases where TLC has a session consisting of five weeks, the student will be notified through various mediums (including this published policy), that payment of all five weeks will be required in order to live and/or keep personal belongings in that homestay for the duration of that entire session.  This five-week charge applies only to students who stay in applicable housing for the entire five (5) weeks. Charges will be prorated according to applicable housing policies, and student varying length of stay. However, advanced notice before the new session is required in order to avoid obligation of the full session of fees.  Students are not permitted to move their things out for any period of time and move things back in the home to avoid payment.  If a student moves out, the student is officially forfeiting their placement and placement fee.  If the student wishes to obtain a homestay for the following session, the student will be responsible for a new placement fee.  Homestay Delayed Payment Agreements will not be used in this case.  Once the student has paid the appropriate housing fees for the session to TLC directly, TLC will remit the homestay payment to the family and the family can choose to handle that homestay payment from the student as they wish. It is the responsibility of the student to see his/her TLC admissions office with questions regarding TLC policies.

  5. You must request a minimum of one month prior in advance if you would like homestay accommodation for less than four weeks. If you do not request less than four weeks homestay accommodation in advance, you must pay for a full four weeks of homestay accommodation.

  6. Special requirements may delay your homestay placement. It is important to note that not all centers are able to place underage clients (under the age of 18 years). Inquiring with the center of interest prior to completing the application forms and paying fees is highly recommended.

  7. We will inform you of your homestay family’s profile details fourteen (14) days before your scheduled arrival. If the center is unable to find an AVAILABLE family placement based off of ALL or THE MAJORITY of your indicated homestay preferences, the center will inform you of this at least 14 days prior to your scheduled arrival.  If the placement is not accepted by the student and there are no other suitable placements to offer at that time, the student should notify the center whether the student prefers to select another form of housing at that time and whether the student wishes to consider homestay placement again in the future.  Homestay placement service is not provided on a first come, first serve basis, but instead is provided when the best match can be made for a client and the homestay family.  Another housing placement fee may be required if the student does move into a homestay at a later date. If you request airport pickup service, please send your arrival information early so that we can have someone waiting for you on the date you arrive at the airport. The fees for airport pickup are shown in the TLC application.

  8. TLC Homestay services vary per location. The number of meals may differ at some TLC locations. Transportation to and from school may or may not be provided at all TLC centers. If your homestay family is not able to provide transportation and it is a part of your service, your director will assist you with other means of transportation. The homestay family is responsible for letting the homestay coordinator and director know if required services can not be provided for any period of time during the student's stay. If published as part of the service for a given center, the homestay should provide private transportation by car, to and from school. Other means of transportation such as, but not limited to Uber, taxi, bike, bus, etc, are not considered approved means of transportation for homestay students when it comes to this published service. Please check with the director of the TLC center of your choice for more information about meal plans and transportation availability.

  9. Though the mission behind the homestay service is to provide a comfortable, safe "home away from home" experience and an opportunity for international students to further immerse themselves in American culture, it is vital for students to understand that there is no perfect match. Furthermore, students and families must be willing to work to understand one another’s cultural differences in order for the experience to be positive for all parties involved.  The idea is to learn from one another and for students to see what it is like to live like an American.

  10. It is also important for the student to understand that the purpose of this housing option is to engage with and learn from the family.  The family is not a 24-hour shuttle or maid service. The homestay families should not be asked to make personal loans to homestay students. If this occurs, it should be reported immediately to the homestay coordinator and TLC Director.

  11. Many of the families in TLC’s homestay network have full-time jobs.  The homestay should provide a schedule for the student upon move-in so that he/she may expect when family activities will take place, when meal times take place, when the family goes grocery shopping, when the student needs to be ready for school, etc. It is common for Americans to eat a light breakfast during the week. As a result, students may prefer to prepare additional food in the mornings before school. If a student would like for the family to find certain foods common in their country, they may request that the family assist them in finding the nearest specialty market so that the student may prepare some traditional meals during the week.

  12. Each family has it’s own sub-culture and set of family rules.  As long as these rules do not go against the requirements of the service TLC publishes to provide and/or does not break U.S. law, the student will be expected to follow these rules when they accept the placement.  Each homestay family is required to provide an up-to-date list of house rules to the homestay coordinator.  This list of rules will be shared with the student before placement is confirmed. If a family has not provided the most up-to-date list of house rules to the homestay coordinator and does not follow the grievance procedures outlined below (except in cases where there are legal issues concerning the student), the family may not be eligible for the full session of homestay payment if the student is asked to leave.  In the event that the family does not follow the prescribed grievance procedures and does not wish to return the unearned homestay fee, then the unearned amount will be withheld from the next placement should the family wish to remain active within our homestay network.

  13. Though we are a culturally aware company and understand that the legal age is defined differently around the world, the student is considered “under-age” if below 18 years old in the U.S.  The legal drinking age is 21.  Therefore, when the under-age student is in the care of the homestay family, the student and their guardian must respect the U.S. definition of legal age.  Furthermore, the student and their guardian must recognize and respect the homestay family’s judgment on what are appropriate activities and/or what is the appropriate level of freedom for that age.

  14. If the student has special dietary restrictions and preferences, including during times of religious practice, the student will need to indicate this within the student’s homestay application.  The coordinator will share these restrictions and preferences with the family in order to determine whether they are able to accommodate the student or not.  If a student does not include these dietary preferences and/or restrictions on the homestay application, the student may be subject to another placement fee if requested to move after placement is made. The student may not be eligible for a refund should he/she decides to move out of a homestay in the middle of a session due to dietary restrictions or preferences not noted on the application form.

  15. If a homestay family provides the student a key to their home and the student loses that key, the family may ask that their home be rekeyed at the student’s expense for the safety of all parties. In such a case, the student may be required to reimburse the home stay family actual rekeying expenses up to, but not exceeding, $150. The student will remit this payment to TLC and TLC will transfer this payment to the home stay family. Receipts justifying the rekeying expenses are required before any reimbursement will be made.

  16. TLC reserves the right to require that any TLC family hosting a student under the age of 18 undergo a background check at TLC's expense. However, if the family requires a background check of any student living in their home, the check is at the family’s expense and requires the student’s signed permission.

  17. If a student is unable to pay the upcoming session’s homestay fee by final Friday of his/her current session, the TLC center reserves the right to ask the student to move out of the home.  If the family is willing to make a payment exception with the student, the Homestay Family Delayed Payment Agreement must be completed with the homestay coordinator.  If the family decides that they would prefer to work directly with the student on payment for services and expectation of service outside a Homestay Family Delayed Payment Agreement, the family will be removed from the TLC Homestay Network and TLC will remove itself from the responsibility of any necessary grievance procedures.

  18. If a student is going on a leave of absence and wishes to keep personal belongings in the homestay family’s home, the student is required to pay the homestay fee for the time away.  If payment is not received on time and the student fails to respond to TLC’s attempts to make contact, the family reserves the right to remove the student’s belongings from the home.

  19. TLC and its employees may not prevent former TLC students from receiving homestay services from current TLC homestay providers. Homestay providers who choose to provide such services do so on their own accord and with the understanding that TLC students can only be placed in providers' homes when space is known to be available for students. TLC and its employees maintain a reasonable expectation of Homestay provider reliability and communication about such matters so that quality services and continuity of placements with providers shall be maintained.

  20. TLC and its employees may not promote or enforce limits on the number of individuals or students living with a single homestay provider. The number of students and nationality of the students in a homestay provider household is the discretion of the homestay provider. However, TLC homestay standards for this accommodation must be upheld in order for the family to remain in the network. Because the homestay service allows for students to further practice their English with native speakers and provides an opportunity for a student to further immerse himself or herself in American culture, TLC attempts when at all possible to mix nationalities when providing homestay placement. TLC students may express preferences in advance of placement, which may influence placement in certain households. TLC and its homestay providers strive to provide appropriate and comfortable housing. Any homestay service providers, which do not meet these standards will be removed from TLC’s Homestay Network.  If the student wishes to remain in a homestay that has been removed from TLC’s network, TLC will not prohibit this.  However, TLC will not be involved in the terms (expectations, collections, grievance procedures, damages, etc.) of that housing arrangement any longer.

  21. TLC Homestay families are required to notify the Homestay Coordinator if any details presented on their homestay profile require update from one session to the next, including details of members living in the household. If details in the family's schedule will change in the middle of the student's expected stay, and the family is unable to provide published services, the family will need to notify the homestay coorindator and director immediately. Failure to do so may result in the student's removal from the homestay in the middle of a session and a refund due to the student from the family.

  22. Please plan to request homestay placement at least four weeks in advance of arrival for studies.  It is not required.  However, homestay availability can not be guaranteed if a student waits until arrival to request placement.  Please be advised that many centers have a waiting list.  In an effort to help the student to prepare for any necessary, alternative housing arrangements, discussing housing availability with the center and prior to arrival is important. Each center coordinator works hard to give the homestay experience to each student that desires it at one point in his/her program of study with TLC. The student is obligated to pay the homestay fee for an entire four-week session in advance after the student has paid the placement fee and accepted the homestay family placement. Failure to report to the homestay as scheduled AND without proper notice of a minimum of one week prior to scheduled arrival may result in the client owing another placement fee should the current, assigned family not wish to hold the student's spot and should the client wish to be placed in another home. Should the client fail to report to move into the homestay as scheduled and fail to provide proper notice of a minimum of one week prior to the schedule arrival, the client is subject to no refund for that session of homestay fees.

  23. A student is granted a 2nd homestay placement at no additional placement fee if and only when the appropriate grievance procedures have been addressed with the 1st homestay.  If the student decides to move out of the homestay before the coordinator and center director can assist in a resolution, the student would owe another placement fee if he/she desires another family placement.  If it is determined by the coordinator and center director after further investigation that the family did not meet published obligations of the service for this student, the appropriate refund will be administered and a 2nd homestay placement at no additional placement fee will be granted to the student.  The corporate office will determine the appropriate refund.  If the student moves out and refuses assistance toward a resolution from the center director and coordinator and/or it is determined after further investigation that the family was meeting all published obligations of the service, fairly upholding stated house rules, and did not waiver from details of the homestay profile approved by the student before placement, the student will owe the session of fees to the homestay family.  If the family decides to ask the student to leave because of personal reasons unrelated to the student, a 2nd placement with no additional placement fee will be provided and a refund will be processed for remaining nights, if applicable. If the family decides to ask the student to leave because the student violates the house rules or behavioral issues after fair warning, the student is not owed a 2nd placement without a placement fee.  If the student breaks the law, the family has the right to ask the student to leave immediately and a 2nd placement at no additional placement fee will not be provided to the student.

  24. While it is the right of the homestay family to get rid of student belongings left behind once a student is no longer paying to live in that home  and/or the student has given official notice to move out, it is requested that the family contact the coordinator beforehand to decide if the belongings should be given to the center director to be passed on to the student if still currently attending TLC’s program.


Cancellations and Refunds


  1. If TLC cancels your program after your homestay placement is made, you will not be responsible for the homestay placement fee. If you have already paid homestay fees, the homestay fees will be refunded to you.

  2. If you cancel your program before the start of the first (4 week) session in which you are enrolled, the housing placement fee will not be refunded.

  3. If you do not show up on your planned start date without notifying the center in writing at least one week before to your planned start date, you will be responsible for one full session of homestay fees.  The student is obligated to pay the homestay fee for an entire four-week session in advance after the student has paid the placement fee and accepted the homestay family placement.

  4. If you have paid for multiple sessions of homestay fees and decide to move out at the end of a session, you will be eligible a full refund of future session fees as long as you inform the center staff by the end of week three of the session.

  5. If you are terminated by a TLC center due to violation of the center’s written progress, disciplinary, and/or attendance policies, or violation of local, state, or federal laws, the center director will decide if you can continue in the homestay. If you are asked to leave the homestay because of violations, no refund will be made for the remaining sum of the session’s homestay fees that you have already paid.

  6. Study Vacation Program (SVP) homestay is priced as part of the SVP package. You WILL NOT be eligible for any refunds if you voluntarily decide to leave in the middle of a session. However, you may request additional/fewer weeks in advance as part of the SVP package. In that case, homestay fees are calculated on a weekly (not daily) basis. Daily rates are only allowed if you arrive 1-4 days prior to a session start date.

  7. If you are living with a TLC homestay family and wish to move out at the end of the session, then you must indicate that you want to move out by Friday of week three. Otherwise, you will be charged for week one of the homestay fee for the following session.

  8. If you make alternate housing arrangements on your own during the course of a session and move out of the homestay, you WILL NOT be eligible for any homestay fee refunds for that session.

  9. If a TLC homestay family does not provide you with satisfactory service, such as food, transportation, and comfortable living space, you may discuss your concerns with the center director. Every effort will be made to find a new homestay family for you, if we do not find a resolution that is reasonable and acceptable with the current homestay family.

  10. If the homestay family expresses to the homestay coordinator or center director that behavioral issues, such as breaking house rules or drinking and smoking where prohibited, have occurred repeatedly, the center director and/or homestay coordinator will make every effort to resolve the situation. If after the appropriate grievance procedures have been followed by the homestay family and intervention by the homestay coordinator and/or center director has taken place, the student’s behavior in question continues, the family has the right to request that the student leave the residence.  In this case, the student will not be eligible for any refunds for the remaining days of the session.

  11. If your host family asks you to leave due to special circumstances outside of your control, you will be eligible for a prorated refund of homestay fees.

  12. Under circumstances where the center Director recommends a homestay fee refund, the refund will be made to the source of the fees. If your homestay fees are paid through a TLC representative in your country, the refunds will be processed through, and paid to, your representative.

  13. You are solely responsible for any and all damages to the property and premises of the homestay family caused by your illegal activity or negligence. Damages as a result of normal wear and tear in a home is the responisbility of the homestay. You are also responsible for making all personal international telephone calls using your personal cell phone or international phone card.

Revised February, 2016 

TLC contracted Homestay Coordinators are held to these published policies. The homestay coordinator will be asked to accept financial responsibility should a situation occur where it is clear that he/she has misrepresented or failed to uphold our service standards, service mission, and/or our published service policies with The Language Company, TLC families, or TLC clients. Failure to comply will result in termination of the service agreement between TLC and the contracted Homestay Coordinator. TLC contracted Homestay Coordinators and The Language Company are partners in providing quality housing services to international students and should work regularly and closely together in order to ensure that TLC's housing mission is being successfully met with each and every placement.