View Tuition Fees for Regular or Special Programs

General Fees

Fees Academic Test Preparation, Advanced Proficiency Level, Business English, Intensive English, General English
Intensive English Part Time and
Private Lessons
Program Application Fee One-time, initial fees $100 $100d
Acceptance Package International Mailing Feea $25 Domestic US
$90 International
Aiport Transfer Service Fee See Airport Transfer fees under Airport Transfer Fees
Housing Placement Feeb $200
Health Insurance Feec Recurring fee, paid every 4 weeks $85
NOTE: All fees are subject to change in the subsquent year. General fees only apply to the programs listed above. The $100 application fee is valid for one year from the date of the applicant’s signature on the TLC application.
  1. This fee is waived if no express mail is necessary.
  2. The Housing Placement Fee covers one housing placement. Students choosing a housing placement, as indicated by verbal or written acceptance and/or moving into the placement, are obligated to pay the placement fee and the housing fee for the entire session. Any changes in housing accommodations require Center Director approval and may result in an additional placement fee.
  3. Health insurance is required for all F-1 students.
  4. Intensive English Part Time and Private Lessons applicants will receive a $50 tuition credit when paying the $100 application fee.

Airport Transfer Fees

TLC Location Charleston Dallas/Fort Worth Edmond Fort Wayne Kirksville Orlando South Bend Toledo Weatherford
Transfer Fee $150 $250 $100 $75 $75 $200 $75 $250 $75 $75 $225 $125 $75 $100
  1. Airport transfer fee is one-way and per person.
  2. Airport transfer cannot be secured until the completed  Airport Transfer Request form, fees, and itinerary have been provided to the center. The center reserves the right to deny transport assistance should the reservation not be paid and scheduled at least two weeks prior to the student’s scheduled arrival.
  3. Flights scheduled to arrive between 9:00PM and 7:00AM may incur additional transfer charges; also, such arrivals between 9:00PM and 7:00AM may not permit immediate housing check-in and the student will be asked to secure a hotel for the evening arrival at the student’s own expense.
  4. If you are requesting transfer services to airports not published as pick-up and drop-off destinations for TLC, TLC will provide the additional cost on the invoice; you must confirm airport exceptions with the Center Director before purchasing your ticket.
  5. Unaccompanied minors (under 18 years of age) will incur additional fees; please contact the Center Director for cost. 

Housing Prices

TLC Location Charleston
Dallas/Fort Worth
Fort Wayne
South Bend
Homestaya $700 $975
$700 $700 $700 $1,000 $700 $700 $700
Dormitoryb $1,025
$945 -- $1,150
-- -- -- $850
       Occupancy (number of people per room) 2 2 2 -- 2-4 -- -- -- 2
       Number of meals per week or meal credit 15/12c 21 19 -- 20 -- -- -- 19
Student Housingd $675e -- $439f -- -- -- $449-$779g -- --
      Occupancy (number of people per room) 2 -- 1-2 -- -- -- 1-3 -- --
      Number of meals per week or meal credit 0 -- 0 -- -- -- 0 -- --
NOTE: Housing availabiltiy will vary by location; inquire with your center for details. Because housing availability is not guaranteed, TLC recommends that all housing-related forms and fees be submitted at least four weeks prior to arrival in order to secure a housing reservation. Refer to the TLC Website for additional information.
  1. Homestay accommodations vary by family and must be prearranged and agreed upon prior to student arrival. Homestay includes 16 meals per week. Once a student accepts a placement, verbally or in writing, the contract between that student and family begins and policies apply. Refer to the Homestay Policy for more information.
  2. Dormitory housing is located on campus and includes a meal plan. Costs, meal plans, and availability are subject to change during Fall and Summer semester starts and during scheduled university holidays such as Spring Break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  3. In TLC-Charleston dormitories 15 meals are provided per week during the school year, and 12 meals are provided per week during summer months (check with TLC-Charleston for summer dates).
  4. Student Housing affords students a dormitory-like experience off campus.
  5. University Court Student Housing in Charleston is furnished and located on campus. This options does not include a meal plan; however, students may add funds to their Eastern Illinois University ID cards to purchase on-campus meals. 
  6. Students living in Central Plaza at TLC-Edmond are eligible to purchase a meal plan through University of Central Oklahoma for on-campus dining. The meal plan may be purchased by session; cost is $427 per session.
  7. TLC-South Bend and Annex can assist students with furniture rentals. Students may add funds to their Indiana University South Bend ID cards to purchase on-campus meals.