General English

Available at TLC-Dallas-Fort Worth, Edmond, Orlando, and Toledo

Course Description:

General English is for students who want to come to the United States to learn English but not necessarily attend a university after completion. TLC’s General English integrates the development of listening and speaking skills, structural accuracy, and everyday communication. If your goal is to be able to successfully communicate English in everyday situations, TLC’s General English course is for you!


In addition to Grammar, Listening and Speaking English courses, students who enroll in TLC’s General English program will learn to speak and understand English in a variety of non-academic settings. For example, students may get help with going to the market, asking for directions, making appointments with doctors or shopping in the mall. General English will help students to communicate in everyday American life and adjust to American culture.

Note: Please be advised the General English Program does not qualify the student for university or college admission with completion of TLC Level 9.  General English Program students who later change their enrollment to the Intensive English Program must retest when changing programs and may place in a lower level due to weaknesses in reading and writing skills.