Karen Miranda, Panama

TLC is one of the experiences you will never forget!

I came to TLC with the expectation of studying English, and yes I succeeded! But I got more than Iimagined. TLC gave me the opportunity to be part of an excellent family, I had the privilege of making friends internationally from which I learned their cultures and customs which made me want to discover and enjoy every corner of this world appreciating our similarities and respecting our Differences. It is also necessary to mention, In TLC you will find the best teachers that for me are the exact meaning of Passion, because they enthusiastically offer the best classes every day. Therefore, being part of this experience is incredible and unforgettable.

Sen Jing Lin, China

My name is Sen Jing
I am from China, and I finished all courses in The Language Company-Fort Wayne. Even though the first time when I came to TLC I was nervous, I felt comfortable after that in just a short time. Every teacher is friendly and nice. They are very happy to help you. The most important thing is that TLC is a great choice to improve English skills in listening, speaking and writing. Also, students can use English to communicate with people very quickly.


Hien "Henry" Tran, Vietnam 

TLC-Fort Wayne is my second home! This is a beautiful place where you never feel alone. I studied 7 months here and this is one of the greatest times in my life. My name Hien Tran, I come from Vietnam. At TLC I have good teachers who will help with any problem. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. When I studied at TLC they gave me a lot of opportunities to take part in outdoor activities, which are very helpful for me. In 7 months here, I have made the best friendships, my English was improved and TLC help me to perfect my English. I’m very grateful to TLC because they helped me to improve my English, learn about American culture, and gave me the best experience of my life!