Linh Nguyen

TLC - Edmond is one of two English institutes where I have studied. TLC has a good infrastructure such as good classrooms, a computer lab, and so on. Besides, TLC - Edmond has a good projector that helps students practice their English. Here in Edmond, the students can have conversations with each other in the student lounge. It is an opportunity to practice speaking and listening English. The teachers at TLC - Edmond are very friendly.

Linh Nguyen -- Vietnam

Mohammed Organji

After almost 2 months at TLC - Edmond, my experience has been very interesting and beneficial to my language skills. A lot of my mistakes have been corrected or gone because of TLC - Edmond teachers. I would like to thank you for all of your effort to help us to improve our English language. It is really working well.

Mohammed Tariq Organji -- Saudi Arabia


Leonardo Lando

TLC - Edmond staff is amazingly welcoming and prepared to make you have the best school experience. They can certainly help you to improve your language skills. Moreover, TLC - Edmond staff’s warmth can make school feel like your second home. At TLC you have both the best teachers and the best friends as well.

Leonardo Lando -- Brazil


Phenyada Fuengtharnthip

In the first session, I was very homesick and lonely. Finally, everything got better because I had very good and kind teachers. They try to teach and explain when I study. They never got angry or annoyed when I ask them to explain the lesson many times. When I have a problem, I can ask any teacher, director, or Dawn. They never hesitate to find an answer for me when they don’t know. Now I’m studying in my third session and everything is okay because I have very good friends and I am not lonely anymore. Thank you TLC - Edmond for having a lot of good teachers and good friends. Thanks to every teacher who always teachers and takes care of me. I feel very appreciated and very happy at TLC - Edmond.

Phenyada Fuengtharnthip -- Thailand


Maria Anez

This is my sixth session at TLC - Edmond. This institute has very good teachers. Each teacher helps me a lot and I have learned so much from them. I’m really thankful for TLC - Edmond teachers for helping me to improve my English. Also, the director and the secretary are very n ice people. I like TLC - Edmond because it has very good projects for students, different kinds of activities, and I like the TLc - Edmond program.  I have made a lot of excellent friends and I am very happy to be here. I love it here.

Maria Ines Anez -- Bolivia


Yeong Soon Kim

I have had many experiences at TLC - Edmond. First, I could speak English freely. Even though I couldn’t speak English well, nobody care about it.  Second, I could learn about American culture through elective activities: Festival of the Arts, the Medieval Fair, the TLC - Edmond prom, visiting museums, volunteering with children, etc. Finally, I could pass the TOEFL for enrollment at UCO. I totally didn’t study for the TOEFL. I studied only the TLC - Edmond program.

Yeong Soon Kim -- Korea


The Language Company has great hospitality, great teachers, and fun field trips. At TLC they teach you everything: how to communicate, how to read (but I think we Filipinos read quite well), how to understand and write idioms. They do good things and if you are bad well your grade is bad. For me TLC is a good place to study English and to take a cup of coffee.

Jose Catap Justo -- Philippines