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2. Programs

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Top Five Graduate Programs:
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3. Institution Details

* Describe the institution: size, population, location, values, history, accreditation, awards, recognition, etc.
* Write a headline for the institution; be simple and direct
* Is the institution currently listed in any official rankings-state, national, or world?
Approximately how many international students attend the university?
What academic and career services are available to students?
What resources are available to international students seeking additional academic support? Is there a tutoring or writing center?
Describe the available medical facilities, are they available 24hrs? Are international students required to receive any vaccinations, and at what cost?
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* Type of Institution (select all that apply):
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* Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) Approved?
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* Does this institution offer any type of scholarship opportunities for internationals?
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* On-Campus ESL Program:

4. Housing Details

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