Yenireth De Freitas

“I have taken many experiences in TLC-Philadelphia for three months.  I like TLC because all of the teachers and students are kind and friendly.  They always help me when I have a trouble or worry about something.  Also, there are nice activities on every session in TLC-Philadelphia.  It’s good for us.  My first session, we played bowling game and then made a lot of friend.  Next activity is going to Philadelphia and we visited building of independence in USA.  There are good experiences for me.  Also, I knew about different culture from my friends, teachers and homestay family.  It’s interesting for me. Every weekend, I go to somewhere with my friends and enjoy it.  Before our exams, we studied together and helped each other.  Finally, I love my homestay family.  They are so kind and always help me.  At dinner time, my mother taught me about English vocabulary and grammar.  I really thank my mother for everything.  I got good experience, friends, and family in TLC-Philadelphia.  Thank you so much for everything.  I spent good time in TLC-Philadelphia.”

Yui Matsuzaki -- Japan

Kyung-Sik Lee

“Studying at TLC-Philadelphia is an indescribable experience.  It’s the best way to learn English.  The teachers are exceptional.  They mix their charisma and knowledge and it helps me to improve the language so fast.  It’s also amazing how nice I feel when I share with people from many countries.

In addition, living in my homestay is as if I am in my own home.  The food is delicious and I have the opportunity to practice what I learn at home. 

I am very glad to be part of the TLC community.”

Karla DeFreitas -- Venezuela

Basem Dannah

"Language Company is a very great school. I am really impressed in many things. First, I like TLC's teachers. They teach very well. For example, they make me understand how to use English correctly. In addition, they understand students who are different countries and cultures. Second, I like school's activity. I gain much experience from doing activities such as pick up strawberry trip and trip to Washington D.C. Also, I can make friends who are from another country. Finally, I like my homestay. They take care of me like I am a part of their family. So, I like TLC-Chester so much because they provide me not only teaching English but also giving an experiences"

Tipparat Boonsong -- Thailand

Yi-Chia Chao

“My school TLC is in Widener University, and it is very comfortable for me.  When I came here first, I felt friendly from teachers and other students.  All of the teachers are kind and teach easily to understand even though I’ve studying here for a month.  Also I can use library and gym in the University.  The gym is fabulous for exercise.  That’s one of my favorite place.  I live in homestay house in Swarthmore.  My home is near to the school about ten minutes by bus.  I live with an old woman.  She is very nice and I am satisfied about my house.  She treats me like her daughter and everyday offers nice meals.  Even a few days ago, I had a birthday and she planned surprise birthday party for me.  I won’t forget that party forever.  Anyway, I am satisfied about everything and I hope I can study well for the remaining days.”

Jieun Lee -- South Korea

Faisal Almushigih

“TLC-Chester has wonderful activities, teachers, and students.When I came to America I thought it would take a long time to know other students at TLC-Chester ,but with TLC-Chester activities it took me two days to know the whole school.The teachers try to help the students to know each other and the students also very friendly. I made a lot of friends. Actually, all the TLC-Chester students are my friends.”

Faisal Almushigih -- Saudi Arabia

"Being part of TLC Philadelphia has been one of the best experiences that I've had in my life. Philadelphia is an amazing city with all the accommodations and activities that you could imagine. Also, it's so close to New York and Washington DC. I enjoyed every single second there. I had so many things to do and so many places to know because that is what the school and the city offer; a bunch of activities, experiences and good people. The school have a great group that more than teachers and students, they are friends. Whenever you need them, they will be there for you. I love my home-stay family and I'm sure that you will love them too. I was afraid when I first went to Philly, but they made me feel as a daughter and not just as an exchange student. I will always have this experience in my heart and head for the rest of my life. Thanks TLC Philadelphia ."

Eva Deseda Nassour -- Venezuela