TLC-Charleston Housing



Student Dormitory

Students have the choice to live in dormitory rooms located in Thomas Hall, the same building as TLC-Charleston. Rooms are double occupancy, although students may have a single occupancy room for an added fee. The minimum age is 18. There are 15 meals per week during the school year and 12 meals per week through the summer months (May 6th – August 11th). Dormitories should be reserves through TLC Charleston (see application) and a placement fee of $200.00 is charged. 


Homestay families

Homestay families are available to students. Students are provided a private room, internet, food for three meals a day, and transportation. The minimum age is 12. Please see application for the list of homestay charges.


Off campus housing

TLC offers assistance for students who would like to live in an off campus apartment.  There is an apartment placement fee of $200.00 for this service.  There are several off campus apartments within walking distance or 5 minutes of driving distance.  Apartments range in price from $350.00-$750.00 per month. For more information, please email the director of admission Kendra at