Business English

Available at TLC-Edmond, Fort Wayne, and TLC-Orlando


Course Description:

TLC’s Business English is designed for students who wish to improve their general English skills as well as their ability to use the English language in the Business and Marketing fields. This program will explore business cultural practices and help to improve the student’s communication skills in specific areas of business. For students who place in TLC levels 1-5, the program consists of Intensive listening, speaking, grammar, reading, and writing courses.  Upon entering TLC Level 6, students complete courses in listening, speaking and grammar as well as four, field-specific courses addressing various topics related to the language of business. These will include such topics as Business and Marketing, Leadership and Teamwork, Finance and Accounting, and Correspondence, Reports, and Presentations.


Students who wish to improve their English language skills specifically for the purpose of doing business with English-speaking countries, as well as students who plan to attend an American university to study business, will find TLC’s Business English the right program for them. Grammar, Listening and Speaking classes will help the student master English, and the specific business courses will build upon those skills to develop the industry-specific language needed to be successful doing business in English-speaking environments.