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Breaking News: Relocation for TLC-Edmond


Written by Mina Morgan, TLC VP

The Language Company has big news! It is with bittersweet sentiments that I must announce that we are moving out of Thatcher Hall! TLC-Edmond, formally known as Edmond Language Institute, has been on the third floor of Thatcher Hall on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma for over two decades.  It has been a good home for many years for thousands of students and staff members.  I almost feel that my brother and I grew up in that space! This place holds many of my favorite childhood memories. You can see both of us in our little suits ready to cut the ribbon at the grand opening of the center!


It was there we watched our parents, Ali and Brenda Robati, not only grow this center into the largest location for TLC to date, but also grow The Language Company brand and family to over 10 locations in over 10 states over the past 20 years.

img_3936 fullsizerender

From this viewpoint, we also had the privilege of watching the university grow over the years in size and student population. We have also had the honor of partnering with the Office for Global Affairs for many years. The growth of this department and their commitment to have a thriving, international campus has been astounding! Together we have supported and educated hundreds of thousands of international students. The respect and desire to do more has only continued to grow.

As the campus grows because of such vital global efforts, we must do our part to make room and expand so that our international students continue to have the very best while studying in Edmond, Oklahoma USA.  Please find the announcement details for our exciting move in 2017.  You can contact me at with any specific questions or concerns. This move will only strengthen student services and support. We will still be a part of UCO’s growing campus. Students should not worry about acceptance documents already issued. They should only be made aware of where to report if arriving for study in Session 1, 2017.   We look forward to sharing more very soon! You can see more updates and pictures of the new location by following us on social media:

For more information about Central Plaza, please check out their website:

Cheers to a New Year and welcomed change! We feel blessed to be trusted as UCO’s English language school of choice for many more years to come![1].pdf




Epic Education Collaboration: TLC Partners With McGovern Education Group


Announcement by TLC VP, Mina Morgan, Contributions by McGovern Education Group

TLC is so excited announce a match of services made in heaven for international students.  We are officially collaborating with McGovern Education Group in order to expand upon our network of quality, affiliate high school, college, and university placement options for international students choosing to study with The Language Company in the United States!  Learn more about our affiliate school options!  To learn more about the conditions of TLC’s placement service, please visit our website!


  1. What is an international student placement agency?

We provide US boarding school and US college and university placement services for international students interested in attending a US educational institution.

  1. What does McGovern Education Group do?

The US boarding school and US college and university application process, including F-1 Visa documentation, is a complex undertaking for most international families interested in sending their son or daughter to a US educational institution. In short, we help make that process simple.

  1. What US boarding school and college placement services do you provide?

McGovern Education Group is an international student placement agency located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We represent 41 US boarding schools, some ranked in the Top 30, as well as more than 35 US colleges and universities.

McGovern Education Group provides international students access to experienced, certified American college guidance counselors, which includes:

  • FREE email, phone, and video chat support
  • FREE unlimited editing and revision support for application essays
  • FREE unlimited revision and critique support for resume
  • FREE line by line proofreading of each application
  • FREE fast track applications to our consortium of schools and universities
  • No TOEFL or IELTS requirement at most of our colleges and boarding schools
  • No application fees at most of our colleges and boarding schools
  1. What kind of US boarding schools and universities do you represent?

We represent a wide range of educational institutions from a 250-year-old boarding school to a nationally ranked research university to a renowned fashion design college in Manhattan. We recognize that all students are unique with varying academic interests and goals, so we choose to represent a broad selection of programs and institutions.

  1. Do you provide scholarships or financial assistance?

McGovern Education Group can help qualified international students apply for scholarships and financial aid support; however, the process and availability of funds varies from institution to institution.

  1. What does “Fast Track Application” mean?

Because McGovern Education Group is an authorized international agent for each of the US boarding schools, colleges and universities we represent, we can provide our international students with non-binding pre-approval within 72 hours at most of our institutions.

  1. How is McGovern Education Group different from other placement agencies?

We were founded by former independent school administrators, teachers, and guidance counselors. Unlike other agencies, we know private school education and the US college application process from the inside out. In fact, we have almost 80 years of US educational experience combined.

  1. Are you familiar with the SACM program?

Yes. Most of our colleges and universities are SACM approved. We have placed Saudi Arabian students in higher education institutions throughout the US.

  1. How much do you charge international students to work with your agency?

Our services are free for international students.

  1. How do we learn more about McGovern Education Group?

We encourage international students interested in US boarding school placement or US college or university placement to submit their contact information through our website at The website contains more detailed information about the services we offer and the institutions we work with.

To learn more about what McGovern is up to, follow them on social media:



We hope you choose to work with The Language Company and McGovern Education Group on developing your perfect study abroad package!

A New Year a New You!


By Ryan Conklin, TLC Systems Manager


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The first minutes of the new year shine brightly with happiness, hope, and cheer! Everyone is smiling with happy tears in their eyes and embracing. After the celebration, it is common for people to think, “This is my year! I will be the best version of myself!” Big and small ideas come to my mind: I will call my grandparents more often. I will stop eating fast food and cook more meals. I will stretch every morning and run every night. I will spend less time watching TV and more time exploring outdoors. All of these ideas are possible resolutions for the new year.

10 top new year resolutions - colorful sticky notes on blakboard with white chalk texture

So many different resolutions exist, but they all need the same ingredients. Like a plant needs sunlight and water, a resolution needs a person to be firm and serious. If your resolution is to stretch every morning and run every night, you must set your alarm, and get out of bed when it sounds. You will be tired, but you must be serious and get up. What about the weekend? Can I skip stretching and running? No, I must be firm: “I will not skip stretching or running. This is my resolution, and I will stick to it!”

How do I pick a resolution? To choose a resolution, it is helpful to take time to “self reflect.” How do you self reflect? It can be different for everyone. You can self reflect by sitting down at a table with a sheet of paper and pen, or you can self reflect by sitting in a quiet room with your eyes closed.

I like to self reflect in a quiet room because it calms my mind. To begin, choose a quiet room with dim lighting. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed (a pillow is helpful). Prepare your body: Keep your back straight, roll your shoulders back, and slightly tuck your chin towards your chest. Ready? OK, now for the hard part: Stop thinking about school, work, family, to-do lists, and only breathe. Slowly inhale: Feel your breath as it enters your nose—your chest rises. Now, slowly exhale: Feel your breath as it exits your nose—your chest falls. Continue to concentrate on your breath as it enters and exits your nose. In and out. Over and over. If you have a strong thought, release it like ballon and it will float away. Always return to your breath. In and out. Over and over… Continue this for at least 10 minutes.

Young man meditating on his living room floor sitting in the lotus position with his eyes closed and an expression of tranquility in a health and fitness concept

Afterward, you may now be ready to set your goal with a clear and calm mind. If it is helpful, keep your eyes closed. Start with an intention: What do I want to achieve this year, to be a happier person? A stronger person? To travel more? To spend more time with family? Once you have chosen your intention, set a goal and plans (think of the goal as the finish line and the plans as the steps to get there). If your goal is to run a marathon, your plans may include to run many 5Ks and 10Ks and several half-marathons in order to reach your goal of a full marathon.

Be firm and serious about your goal and plans, but also be patient. Some goals take many months or even years to accomplish. Be patient, remain calm, and enjoy the journey. If you become frustrated, return to your quiet room, close your eyes, breathe, and think about WHY you chose your goal—this may help you focus.


Because focus is so important, it is helpful to share your goal with someone important to you. New Years is an exciting time for goals, so he or she will probably also have a goal to share! During the year, their support can help you focus and be patient. Perhaps you would like to meet your friend once each month for coffee to discuss your progress; meeting 12 times each year can help to break a one big goal into 12 manageable pieces.

Remember, you do not need to wait until January 1st to set a new goal. Now is a good time to self reflect and to set a new goal for yourself! Start today!

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