Intensive English Part Time

Learn English for three hours a day while traveling and having fun in U.S. cities. TLC will help you get the most of your trip to the United States!

You don’t need a special visa for this program. TLC will provide English lessons for three hours a day and you decide what to do the rest of the time. Of course, there are plenty of TLC activities available for you.

Learn English in the morning.
Use English the rest of the day.

If you want to brush‐up your English skills at a relaxed pace and in a fun program, then this is for you. TLC’s qualified staff will help you improve your English and get to know American culture through planned activities and trips.

Short‐Term Program
Long‐Term Benefits

Listening and speaking, vocabulary, reading and writing are all part of your learning experience. You will also receive a certificate of attendance when you attend this program.

You will learn more than English in TLC’s Intensive English Part Time Program. Of course, your English will improve when you take advantage of this program. But it is more than just learning from the books, it is learning from culture and experience.