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Written by McGovern Education Group, Contributions by Mina Morgan, TLC VP

Lie #1. I should only apply to Top 50 ranked US universities.

There are more than 4,000 universities in the United States and no one, including a magazine ranking system, can accurately determine which is the best school for you. Unless your academic profile is in the 95th percentile, your Top 50 university application will likely be denied. We recommend you find a international student placement agency in the United States that can help you discover great-fit American universities for your academic profile.

Lie #2. I should only apply to the universities with low tuition fees.

Many “affordable” universities with low acceptance requirements are not regionally accredited, which means your investment may result in a disappointing educational experience. Examine the curriculum guide on each university’s website to see if the degree program offered is a good match for you. Create a list of questions and schedule a video conference call with the international admissions department. Again, a knowledgeable international student placement agency can save you time, money, and a lot of frustration.

Lie #3. I need to apply to at least ten universities.

In the end, you can only attend one university. If you are unable to determine the unique differences between 10 universities then look for the aid of an academic advisor or placement agency such as McGovern Education Group. There are many free online resources that can help you get started. However, studying abroad is a big investment, so we recommend finalizing your plans with help of an educational professional. Let McGovern help you to plan your complete study abroad experience from arranging any necessary ESL courses with our exclusive ESL partner, The Language Company, to finding the right university that fits your credentials, program preference, and budget. Finally, keep in mind that the application processes for universities can be time consuming and expensive. Therefore, narrow your list of prospective schools before applying and going for your visa appointment because moving schools and states can be quite costly too!

Lie #4. I should make my decision based solely off of the advice of an online review/agent/relative/friend.

While reputation and recommendation should be highly considered in making a decision about your study abroad destination, please remember that you should do your own research to make sure your personal preferences and needs will be met by a particular school or city. Registered agents (TLC and McGovern have many that we can recommend worldwide), social media, family and friend referral, government/embassy education websites, and google can assist in providing some guidance on a given institution, general locale information, and immigration procedures.  However, we highly recommend that you also consider turning to an experienced, American placement counselor before making your final decision because they will know more about each university he or she represents (and the surrounding city). You can also rely on these professionals should something go wrong, to help answer questions before, after, and during study, and for sound study abroad advice. Unfortunately, Wikipedia will not be there to help you if your institution refuses to give you a refund due to visa denial or denies your acceptance because of lack of English proficiency or if you are stuck at the port of entry.

Lie #5. International student placement agencies are expensive.

A good placement agent serves as a kind of trusted advisor who can help you choose from the 4,000+ US universities, avoid application mistakes, receive application fee waivers and visa interview training, and significantly improve your chances of getting into your dream school in the United States. McGovern offers these services at no cost to international students.

Lie #6. My university application essay doesn’t matter.

Your essay is your opportunity to write directly to the admissions committee, who will determine if you will be accepted or denied. If your statement of purpose essay contains errors or is plagiarized or is too vague, then you have will likely be denied. Many programs are very competitive so do not waste your chance to shine.

Lie #7. It is acceptable to transfer to another university upon arrival.

If you arrive in the US on a visa provided by one university with the intention of immediately transferring to another university, you are in a sense violating immigration regulations. In addition, different institutions have different refund policies so you may be putting yourself at financial risk. You are also potentially putting your immigration status at risk by not planning ahead because most universities are not going to accept you overnight. Many universities do not take too kindly to this type of unethical action and generally do not make it easy to transfer.

Lie #8. Universities are better than colleges.

There is no significant difference between a college and a university in the United States. For example, Dartmouth College and Harvard University are both highly selective and are both Ivy League schools. Additionally, sometimes it is easier, especially for an international applicant to start at a college and then move on to a reputable university.

Lie #9. I can get a free university education in the United States.

Most US colleges and universities do offer international scholarships for well-qualified applicants; however, we are unaware of any US university offering a fully funded (free) education to international students, unless it is specialized student and a specialized program.

Lie #10. I can easily get accepted to a US medical school or law school.

Applying for either medical school or law school is not advised. Both applications are extremely unlikely to be approved. A law degree makes a student an expert in US law and is therefore not applicable to international students returning home. Most public institutions will not accept international students for medical school because of funding restraints and transcript credit issues. In many cases a law degree in other countries does not equate to the credentials of a lawyer in the United States.

For more information about TLC university partners, please visit our Cooperative Institution Database

For more information about our FREE and exclusive placement service, please visit McGovern Education Group.

For more information about how TLC can prepare you for university study and admission, visit The Language Company


Breaking News: Relocation for TLC-Edmond


Written by Mina Morgan, TLC VP

The Language Company has big news! It is with bittersweet sentiments that I must announce that we are moving out of Thatcher Hall! TLC-Edmond, formally known as Edmond Language Institute, has been on the third floor of Thatcher Hall on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma for over two decades.  It has been a good home for many years for thousands of students and staff members.  I almost feel that my brother and I grew up in that space! This place holds many of my favorite childhood memories. You can see both of us in our little suits ready to cut the ribbon at the grand opening of the center!


It was there we watched our parents, Ali and Brenda Robati, not only grow this center into the largest location for TLC to date, but also grow The Language Company brand and family to over 10 locations in over 10 states over the past 20 years.

img_3936 fullsizerender

From this viewpoint, we also had the privilege of watching the university grow over the years in size and student population. We have also had the honor of partnering with the Office for Global Affairs for many years. The growth of this department and their commitment to have a thriving, international campus has been astounding! Together we have supported and educated hundreds of thousands of international students. The respect and desire to do more has only continued to grow.

As the campus grows because of such vital global efforts, we must do our part to make room and expand so that our international students continue to have the very best while studying in Edmond, Oklahoma USA.  Please find the announcement details for our exciting move in 2017.  You can contact me at with any specific questions or concerns. This move will only strengthen student services and support. We will still be a part of UCO’s growing campus. Students should not worry about acceptance documents already issued. They should only be made aware of where to report if arriving for study in Session 1, 2017.   We look forward to sharing more very soon! You can see more updates and pictures of the new location by following us on social media:

For more information about Central Plaza, please check out their website:

Cheers to a New Year and welcomed change! We feel blessed to be trusted as UCO’s English language school of choice for many more years to come![1].pdf




McGovern and TLC

Epic Education Collaboration: TLC Partners With McGovern Education Group


Announcement by TLC VP, Mina Morgan, Contributions by McGovern Education Group

TLC is so excited announce a match of services made in heaven for international students.  We are officially collaborating with McGovern Education Group in order to expand upon our network of quality, affiliate high school, college, and university placement options for international students choosing to study with The Language Company in the United States!  Learn more about our affiliate school options!  To learn more about the conditions of TLC’s placement service, please visit our website!


  1. What is an international student placement agency?

We provide US boarding school and US college and university placement services for international students interested in attending a US educational institution.

  1. What does McGovern Education Group do?

The US boarding school and US college and university application process, including F-1 Visa documentation, is a complex undertaking for most international families interested in sending their son or daughter to a US educational institution. In short, we help make that process simple.

  1. What US boarding school and college placement services do you provide?

McGovern Education Group is an international student placement agency located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We represent 41 US boarding schools, some ranked in the Top 30, as well as more than 35 US colleges and universities.

McGovern Education Group provides international students access to experienced, certified American college guidance counselors, which includes:

  • FREE email, phone, and video chat support
  • FREE unlimited editing and revision support for application essays
  • FREE unlimited revision and critique support for resume
  • FREE line by line proofreading of each application
  • FREE fast track applications to our consortium of schools and universities
  • No TOEFL or IELTS requirement at most of our colleges and boarding schools
  • No application fees at most of our colleges and boarding schools
  1. What kind of US boarding schools and universities do you represent?

We represent a wide range of educational institutions from a 250-year-old boarding school to a nationally ranked research university to a renowned fashion design college in Manhattan. We recognize that all students are unique with varying academic interests and goals, so we choose to represent a broad selection of programs and institutions.

  1. Do you provide scholarships or financial assistance?

McGovern Education Group can help qualified international students apply for scholarships and financial aid support; however, the process and availability of funds varies from institution to institution.

  1. What does “Fast Track Application” mean?

Because McGovern Education Group is an authorized international agent for each of the US boarding schools, colleges and universities we represent, we can provide our international students with non-binding pre-approval within 72 hours at most of our institutions.

  1. How is McGovern Education Group different from other placement agencies?

We were founded by former independent school administrators, teachers, and guidance counselors. Unlike other agencies, we know private school education and the US college application process from the inside out. In fact, we have almost 80 years of US educational experience combined.

  1. Are you familiar with the SACM program?

Yes. Most of our colleges and universities are SACM approved. We have placed Saudi Arabian students in higher education institutions throughout the US.

  1. How much do you charge international students to work with your agency?

Our services are free for international students.

  1. How do we learn more about McGovern Education Group?

We encourage international students interested in US boarding school placement or US college or university placement to submit their contact information through our website at The website contains more detailed information about the services we offer and the institutions we work with.

To learn more about what McGovern is up to, follow them on social media:



We hope you choose to work with The Language Company and McGovern Education Group on developing your perfect study abroad package!

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